76mm Kitchen Paper Rolls

Are you looking for the top supplier of 76mm kitchen paper rolls? Or perhaps you’re in the market for till rolls or something else entirely. You’ve come to the right place as, here at Network telex Online, we’re committed to supplying unique and innovative products dispatched through our E-Tel express stores, courier services, offices, and depots. 

We supply products to the public and business communities, never sacrificing quality and always delivering affordability. We invite you to place your first order with us, and if you’ve shopped with us before, we’d love to welcome you back. For all enquiries, call our team on 08000 322 822 

Benefits of Our 76mm Kitchen Paper Rolls 

Here at Network telex Online, we recognise the need to supply products that are fit for purpose for the environment they are to be used in. Our excellent range of till rolls, kitchen paper rolls, tachograph rolls, etc., reflects this with a wide range of options available to suit all situations. If you run a kitchen or own a restaurant, you’ll be aware of the demands of your kitchen staff. 

One such demand is a reliable means of tracking orders from the till to the kitchen. When a waiter takes the customer’s order, they write down the order on an order pad. This ticket is then passed to the kitchen while a duplicate is placed behind the till. The issue with this method is that orders can often become illegible. 

That’s because kitchens are hot, humid, and greasy environments and the carbon paper pads used by waiters often don’t stand up well in such conditions. That’s where it’s beneficial to use our 76mm kitchen paper rolls. Our kitchen paper rolls are made from heavier paper that is far more resistant to damage from greasy fingers and the heat and humidity that a busy commercial kitchen generates. 

Kitchen till rolls are also often linked up to dot matrix printers. Dot matrix printers produce far more resilient prints in these demanding environments than standard carbon paper pads or ink printers. Using our 76mm kitchen paper rolls provides your kitchen staff with a reliable means to track orders, ensuring your customers are served quickly. 

Here is a summary of the benefits of 76mm kitchen paper rolls: 

  • Heavier Construction 
  • Compatible with Dot Matrix Technology 
  • 2-Ply (Two Copies of Every Order) 
  • Large Rolls – Print Hundreds of Tickets from a Single Roll 

Other Products We Offer

At Network telex Online, we recognise that our customers have varying requirements, so we supply a wide range of products, including: 

  • Tachograph Rolls 
  • Thermal Till Rolls 
  • 80mm Till Rolls 
  • 57×40 Till Rolls 
  • And More 

Tachograph rolls are important in a vehicle’s cabin as they are responsible for recording the speed, distance, and driving time. If a driver exceeds working hours through no fault of their own, the HGV company can be heavily fined. Tachograph rolls can provide printouts should these be required in legal proceedings. 

These printouts protect the company and employees where there has been an inadvertent breach of legislation. They also protect employees if their drivers have been working on other jobs that the employer is unaware of. 

Next on the list, our thermal till rolls are till rolls designed for printers that print using heat rather than ink. Thermal till rolls are designed to resist this increased heat without burning, catching alight, or forming holes in the paper. 

And as tills exist in various sizes, we have till rolls to fit different setups, including 80mm till rolls and 57x40mm till rolls. To see our full range of till rolls or other products, click on our website and navigate to the shop section.  

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Paper Rolls?   

In 1991, the Network telex Group was established in the UK, and today, we operate worldwide, designing and supplying unique communications solutions, from SMS and delivery to telex and telegram products. We have our in-house team of engineers and programmers, so we can maintain a tighter grip on quality standards. 

In our 30+ years of operation, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength, building our client base with many customers returning to us repeatedly to buy till rolls, kitchen paper rolls, and more. We’ve amassed a stellar reputation for the service and products supplied through our Network telex Online retail store. 

We can supply exclusive and pioneering products through our E-Tel express stores, courier services, offices, and depots to customers in the private and commercial sectors. 

We’re immensely proud of our wide range of products and welcome any enquiries. If you have questions about our products or pricing or would like to make a special request for items not currently listed on our website, then get in touch. 

And if you’re ready to place an order, you can do so quickly through our easily navigable store pages. We assure customers of faster delivery and supply chain excellence as we stock our products in the UK and internationally. And our team constantly monitor stock levels to ensure a steady supply process. 

Plus, we continually review and assess our current product lineup to ensure that we continue to bring customers the best products, from till rolls to kitchen paper rolls and tachograph rolls. We assess our selection of rolls to ensure they offer the best quality and value and that our prices remain competitive. 

And we strive to ensure all purchases are packaged professionally and dispatched fast for next-day delivery wherever possible. Plus, if you spend over £49, your shipping is entirely free! 

With all that said, if you’re looking to purchase till rolls, tachograph rolls, kitchen paper rolls, etc., look no further than Network telex Online. 

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So, if you’re looking to stock your kitchen with high-quality kitchen rolls for tracking orders, look no further than Network telex Online. Our team members are always delighted to answer any questions you might have. Just get in touch, and we’ll assist you in any way we can. And if you’d like to order any of our products, you’ll find it’s super-easy to do so through our easily navigable website. 

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